Friday, April 03, 2009

We Have returned

Hello to you all. Won't make this a long message as it's been a long day already and I have over 7500 emails to read and catch up on everything. Thank you to everyone that sent birthday messages on here and on facebook. The Holiday was lovely. The actual cruise had its good and bad points but on the whole was good. Most of the food was lovely. managed to put on 3kgs so it must have been LOL. We did LOTs of walking. My feet and calf muscles still hurt. Angel loved the whole trip and being in the kids club. We loved New Zealand. Beautiful weather right up until we got to Sydney where it rained for the whole three days that we where there. I have so many photos and videos to sort through and all of the pamphlets and postcards and things that we have collected over the past three weeks. Once I go through it all I will write up a daily note of what we did each day and put it on my blog. Sorry to those that I was planning on catching up with that we didn’t get to. We were going to come back a few days early and then ended up staying in Sydney anyway. Have so much to wash and unpack, but we are planning on doing that this weekend. The dogs & cats where happy to see us. Angel is back at school on Monday. Jack should start work sometime after Easter.  Better go and start reading all of these emails and catching up with all of the news.




Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

NOw that is just gorgous keep it keep it.

Laurie said...

I looks great Nicole!!

overthetopaprons said...

wo ..... over 700 e-mails .... that will keep you busy!

Stopping by for the June Challenge.

nbeltane said...

hi overthetopaprons, i still havent read the over 7000 emails i got way back then. they are in my archived items i will get to them one day LOL.

i actually no longer use this blog. i can now be found at

thanks for the message.